Regulation of basal follicle growth

Regulation of basal follicle growth

Regulation of basal follicle growth

Basal folliculogenesis covers the initial development of follicles, from their exit from the ovarian reserve of resting primordial follicles through activation until they become dependent on Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). In the recent years, the BINGO team has studied basal folliculogenesis, with a focus on morphogenesis (including oocyte growth, granulosa cell proliferation, theca cell layers formation and antral cavity appearance) and associated functional changes. The underlying mechanisms of paracrine regulation (dialogue between oocyte and somatic cells) and of endocrine regulation (hormones and metabolites) can now be investigated, thanks to an in vitro protocol of ewe follicle culture (developed in collaboration with ICF team). The data also contribute to develop a mathematical model of basal folliculogenesis (collaboration with BIOS team and F Clément, INRIA).

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Inra Val de Loire Image : V. Cadoret

Images des follicules ovariens ovins au cours de la culture in vitro.
Réalisé par Véronique Cadoret

Projet : FolliGap, Universités Tours-Poitiers (2017-2018)

Publications :

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